The Absolute Engagement Experience

Absolute Engagement is about intentionally designing a business that supports the life you (really) want to live - a business that sits at the intersection of growth and fulfillment. 

The Absolute Engagement Experience gives you the insights, motivation, support and guidance to make meaningful changes that will drive significant and meaningful growth. 

We’ll grab you by the hand and support you every step of the way. Over the course of 12 months, you'll work with a small group of like-minded advisors from across the country who will form an integral part of the experience.

The program runs over the course of a year, starting with a live 2-day event. A maximum of 20 advisors will participate in each program to make it as effective as possible and we’ll accept registrations on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. 

The next Experience Live launch dates are:

January 25-26, 2018 (location to be determined)

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We’ll help you design the next phase of your business so that it is not only wildly successful, but profoundly fulfilling. Over the course of the experience, you’ll: 

  •  Design a compelling vision for the future of your business 
  •  Tailor a client experience that is deeply engaging and reflects your vision 
  •  Tailor a team experience that supports your vision and client experience 
  •  Get intentional about investing in yourself as well as your business

How We'll Get You There


Everything about this event is designed to inspire you, from the location, to the small supportive group of faculty and advisors, to the private chef who will keep you fueled. You’ll craft your personal vision, translate that into a meaningful vision and audit your business to lay the groundwork to take action.


You’ll create your own personal roadmap to reach your goals, using the tools and templates that we provide.


You’ll walk through the program together with a group of your peers, all of whom are working to transform their businesses in different ways. You’ll connect: in person at Experience Live, via the coaching meetings and with 24/7 access to a private group where you can share ideas and ask questions of your peers.


We’ll review your plan with you, one-on-one, after Experience Live. Before you take action we’ll work together to ensure the plan not only reflects the future you want for the business, but that it has been tested.


You’ll participate in five group coaching meetings throughout the year, during which we’ll focus on tailoring your client and team experience to support your vision. You’ll be working on specific assignments leading up to each meeting, supported by on-demand content and other resources on the program dashboard. The meetings themselves will allow the group to dig deeper, ask questions, share your challenges and move your plan forward.


Every month we’ll have formal office hours so you’ll never be without support as you put your plan in motion.

Program Schedule

The Details

Phase 1: Define a Meaningful Vision for the Future of Your Business 

  • Define clear personal and business visions that will drive the future of your business, focusing on the right clients, right work and right role 
  • Assess your current business against that vision for the future 

Phase 2: Define an Extraordinary Client Experience 

  • Go deep on the trends that are impacting client engagement 
  • Gather input from your ideal clients to help you define an extraordinary client experience 
  • Craft a client journey that specifically reflects the needs of your ideal client 

Phase 3: Structure an Extraordinary Client Experience 

  • Ensure your business fully supports your client journey, including messaging, communications, team skills and process 
  • Create a plan to measure progress 
  • Fully communicate your vision to clients 

Phase 4: Define an Extraordinary Team Experience 

  • Assess the role you want to play on the team and create a transition plan 
  • Clearly define the culture you want to create 
  • Define and execute on a plan to actively engage and involve your team 

Phase 5: Commit to Personal Renewal and Accountability 

  • Identify and make changes to support creativity and engagement 
  • Craft a plan for on-going accountability by transitioning to a Mastermind Group (optional) 

Julie Littlechild on the concept of Absolute Engagement and how the program can help you achieve it:

We’ll give you no chance but to succeed!

The Investment

The price for the program $1,995USD. You’ll pay $995 to secure your spot and then $200 per month in each of the five months after the program begins.

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